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IN SITU 0.8 2013
8th Edition A creation of In Situ, Visuel Arts in the Camargue
Theme 2013 : The Four elements


IN SITU 0.8 will take place from May 4 – 13, 2013 with the exhibition of work on display through July 15th, 2013.

The event features the installation of in situ works at the Mas of Grand Arbaud in Gageron in the Camargue and, for the first time, in the Marais du Vigueirat, located in the Arles municipality.
Every project must present an original work for the event IN SITU 0.8, 2013, 8th Edition, A creation of In Situ, Visual Arts in the Camargue.

The theme for the 2013 edition will be The Four Elements.

” The universe is composed of four elements, earth, water, fire and air. Each of them has a place in nature, although sometimes they can be found in areas that have nothing to do with their usual places. The natural areas where we usually encounter these elements are laid out in concentric circles.”

The construction, works and artistic projects must articulate this central theme. The four elements can be the subject or the medium of the work and be manifested with a variety of techniques: sculpture, installation video, installation photos, land art.
Priority will be given to projects that address the Camargue’s natural heritage, its local population, its activities and especially to work that deals with the distinctive aspects of the installation site: the Mas of Grand Arbaud.
A grant of 1200 euros will be awarded for the design and execution of a project conceived specifically for IN SITU 0.8 including the transportation costs.
Travel and production costs will be paid at the end of June.
A maximum of 10 artists, with 3-4 from the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, will be selected to participate in the event. An artist cannot be selected in two consecutive years.

Presence of the artist

  • Artists will be accommodated in artist residences from Saturday evening, May 4 until Monday morning, May 13. Lodging costs are covered by the association.
  • A reception for the artists will take place on Saturday, May 4 at 4:00 pm and all are expected to attend.
  • Artists must be present at their installation site all day on Thursday, May 9, for photo documentation.
  • The deadline for completion of the final installation is Friday, May 10, 2013.
  • Artists must be present for exhibition opening, Saturday, May 11, 2013.


  • The finished work must be faithful to the presented project (with minor adaptations either for technical reasons or for the coherence between the work and the site. Approval of these changes will be decided in conjunction with the artistic director)
  • Work must be created primarily in situ. If necessary, a small portion of the work may be created in the artist’s studio.
  • Artists are responsible for bringing their own material and equipment and are expected to be self-sufficient in the progress of their work (i.e., personal toolkits are mandatory; construction as well and transportation to and from the site must be autonomous.)
  • Artists must secure their installations (for example with solid cables) so that they will hold up for the duration of the exhibition. Please note that the site is sometimes swept by violent winds that can come from the North, from the Northwest or from the Southeast.
  • Materials, whether natural or synthetic, must not pollute the installation site.
  • Every artist must be covered by liability insurance and by medical insurance.
  • Artists agree, with advance notice, to meet with journalists and to engage with the local population and the schools.

Application packet

Applications must be sent via the post office to the following address:

60, Rue de Chartrouse
13200 Arles – France

Phone: 00 33 4 90 49 89 10
Email: culturesnomadesprod@gmail.com
Web site: http://culturesnomades.org

The application must contain the following, unstapled documents

  • A curriculum vitae of the artist (accompanied by a press book)
  • A written presentation describing their approach and their research :
    1. In A3 format, a presentation of the installation project (drawing, photo, precise photomontage) with captions, the title and a short explanatory text.
    2. In A4 format, a longer description of the work that includes a detailed technical specifications sheet, showing materials, dimensions of the work and its configuration on the site.
    3. 3 images, maximum format A4, which present examples of the artist’s previous work.

Following the selection, in early in February 2013, the artist will be asked for a text presenting the proposed work.
To have your application materials sent back to you, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed enveloped. Application packets without this envelope will not be returned.

Application deadline: January 30, 2013

The jury, comprised of In Situ staff and members of the artistic community, will meet at the beginning of February 2013 for the selection process.
On February 10, 2013, we will announce the names of the artists selected. If you are chosen, we will send you a written agreement, to be signed by both parties.
For more information please consult the In Situ website, call or send us an e-mail.

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